We are offering this Design Scholarship to all creative artists and designers age 18 and over.

What can I win?

A $50 Visa CASH Gift Card will be awarded to the winning ad designer for a brochure for a Spiritual Education Class called the UCouncil. (Spiritual Resources 101)

Design Requirements:

One 8.5 x 11 page. 300 dpi. CMYK file in .psd format

Date of Contest:

May 24 2013 through June 14. 2013
Submissions must be received by 11:59 pm on June 14 2013 by email sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Send it as an attachment.
Be sure to include your name and phone number.
The winner will be announced on the web page and called by phone on June 21, 2013.

Contest Requirements:

  • Must be age 18 or older
  • Attending school in Central Florida (indicate which school)
  • Must be original work
  • Imagery must relate to the subject matter of the course advertised
  • Must include course title: UCouncil

More details:

By submitting your contest entry, you are agreeing that you meet the above requirements, and by submitting your work, you are signing over exclusive rights to the Keys of Eden. You may utilize this ad in your portfolio and you will be credited as the artist of this ad.


Here is an article about what the UCouncil has to offer students.

As humans, we receive a lot of support from a large variety of entities and beings, such as God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Angels, guides, ancestors, mentors, human beings, animals and much more.
In spite of this it is common to hear people, even enlightened, spiritually awakened ones, asking for help, and struggling to survive. Most of our spiritual support serve within limitations that make their work with us less effective, due to rules of non-interference. Far too many people never look toward God or anything greater than themselves. They do not ask for Blessings, or guidance, or help because they do not even know how. There are many Earthlings that have no clue as to what help they have available and some do not even care.
If we look at the world today we can see much room for improvement. If we believe what we hear from spirit, "As above so below" , or "On Earth as it is in Heaven" then we can gather from that that perhaps the realm of spirit has challenges as well. When we help someone at our physical level, we also are helping those in spirit. We must remember too that when we help in spirit we are getting help down here.
Since 1986 we have researched and studied to find ways to improve the effectiveness of people in fulfilling their missions and purpose for being here in lives on Earth. We have found many programs and most have proven helpful at least to some degree.
Now we have been shown, thanks in part to our work with Archangel Uriel, a new tool and support structure that he helped design, aimed at leveling the playing field for all people so they can take control of their lives. Now more people can succeed at what they have been striving at for years, and we see a world where people have greater opportunities for spiritual growth than in the past.
No matter who you are, no matter how many spiritual beings you have assisting you, no matter how many angels, guides, animals, ancestors, or alien life forms you have assisting you now, this class will bring to you a gift of unimaginable help. This gift is for everyone. If feedback is any measurement for success, then feedback from all levels says that this is a powerful program that serves people and beings at all levels.
In this class you will have the opportunity to:
Learn how to receive the help you desire
Re-connect to the powers, of love, light, and spirit
Role play using real life situations
Receive a chart of your own personal UCouncil
We are going to re-empower the energies of our past when human kind was much closer to the prophets of old, the ancients, your true self, the beginning and the oneness of the "All that is".
We will begin sharing this gift through classes in July 2013 in the Orlando area. The class will be a two day workshop. When you finish that class, you will have all you need to work with this gift and know how to use it effectively to help yourself and others.

Contest Winner:   

Fritz O.  Student @ Full Sail.


The winning image portrays 5 spirit beings gathered around an individual sitting in a chair meditating.  The beings can be seen but not identified as to male or female.  Their enery figures portray the idea of what the U-Council gives to the individual.

 Congradulations Fritz !!



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