Alpha Class Structure

Alpha Classes are limited to the first 100 students only. These classes are small in size so that there is plenty of time for personal interaction.

Students are asked to fill out a survey form to give feedback on their experience during the class. A month later, a second follow-up form will be sent by email to see if the student has benefited and has any more suggestions or information to help us finalize our full class.

Students who participate in the Alpha Class program will receive a certificate showing they are among the first 100 founding students. They will also receive a coupon for 50% off the cost of the full class. This is in exchange for their feedback and comments to add to our research and to make our full class the best that it can be.

What is covered?

The origin and development of the U Council itself and how to benefit from having a U Council. Alpha students will also have the privilege of being co-creators in the course and possibly among the first teachers.

Click here for our Alpha class schedule.

Full Class Structure

Classes are kept small (usually limited to less than 20) in order to have the maximum personal interaction between teaching staff and students.

What is covered?

The history of how the U Council was developed and a detailed look at it's structure.

How Can It Help Me?

During class, you will be taught the primary objectives of having a U Council created for you. You will also learn how to work with it in your daily life through role-playing sessions.

What do I do next?

Periodically, meetups are scheduled for further practice, sharing between students as they implement the U Council into their daily lives, and opportunities for further studies as the program continues to develop.

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