Alpha Classes were taught for the first 100 students who wanted to be co-creators with us by sharing their experiences with their own U Council.

Countdown:  The U-Council KOE project ended April 12, 2014.

What is a U Council?

The U Council is a spiritual committee that helps you through your life, both the ups and the downs. This committee is yours and you are the CEO.

How Can It Help Me?

Anyone who is seeking higher ground in their spiritual life knows that having help from above can be beneficial at all levels of life. Not only will you advance spiritually, but your physical health, emotional well-being, and mental clarity can all be upgraded as you work with this council.

We are amazed at the benefits people are sharing with us about their life AFTER taking the U-Council Class.  Below are a few examples.  Your own experience will be for you and may well be very differant

What are People saying About the U-Council

I asked for money to come in that I didn't have to work for. Within 2 days I was a given a "bonus" at work for no reason at all.

- K. M. Daytona Bch. Fl.

I do energy healing. My U Council is helping me with this. I didn't notice the difference right away. It seems to be amplified now, and I can feel them around me. Did I forget to mention that they are always with me in meditation now?

- F. M. Dade City Fl.

My heart seems to be opening up from a rock to a more pleasant flow of beautiful energy. It was a wonderful class, and I know I am not alone & when I go worrying about something, the U-council reminds me that I don't have to...Have a lovely day, and thank you so much ... All My Love,

- L.M. Tampa Fl.

For the first time since I can remember I know that I am not alone. When I go out now I actually feel empowered, It is wonderful !

- P.S. Winter Sprs. FL.

I use the U-Council's ability to bring this energy to others who are currently struggling with life events I found that my environment has shifted that the people I like are more active in seeking me out so I have more conversational company and I am confident that they wish to speak to me, job opportunities are showing up on my computer with very little effort

- J. R. Tampa Fl.

The above are just a few samples of the benefits people are receiving from the U-Council Class.


What do I do next?

Check us out in Facebook, join our group, attend our classes. We welcome all who seriously want to obtain help for all aspects of their lives.

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