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This form of prayer was passed down to us from St Michael in the early 1990's. At that time, many did not know how to pray or felt that prayer was futile. Michael gave us a very simple way to open any meeting we had:

1) Pass around a notebook for people to write down prayer requests. Some people find that the experience of being in a group causes them to forget the very request that is pressing upon them, so this is the perfect solution to get the prayer in. It is also used during the week, as people can phone in to the host of the circle a request to be written down immediately.

2) Everyone stands together in a circle, holding hands. The notebook of requests is placed in the center, either on a little table or an extra chair.

3) The prayer leader explains that he or she will begin with his own prayer. When he is done, he simply squeezes the hand of the person to his left.

4) The next person can say what they will, or nothing at all, praying silently. Once they are done, they too will pass it on by squeezing the hand of the person to their left.

5) Once the leader's hand has been squeezed, he will finish the prayer and and bless everyone in the circle and on the list until the circle meets again.

When all of this is complete, any other program can take place. It is also an ideal way to end a teaching or class for the day and at the end of a series of classes.

HUG groups meet in many places, in many cultures, and in many faith traditions. There is no formal structure beyond the requirement to be open-minded and accept all who seek prayer into your circle.

If you are interested in starting a HUG group, we invite you to contact us through our contact form. Also indicate if you would be interested in networking.

Prayer is something anyone, at any age or level of experience can do. When people pray together, those prayers are magnified.

May God bless you in all your prayers.

The Keys of Eden Staff


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