Archangel Saint Uriel

Uriel, whose name means "the Light of God," is recorded in esoteric literature, most notably the Book of Enoch. Uriel is credited with guarding Eden and watching over humanity to protect them from the fallen angels. Uriel has been part of folklore for this service to mankind with the suggestion that he was a bit too severe in chasing down both the fallen angels and their human partners.

Uriel has come to us as the angel who supervises commerce and industry. He is the master of the fair exchange, always helping those who are involved in any level of business to get and give a good deal so that all may benefit.

We have chosen the color orange to represent Uriel.You will find that color on his pages, to distinguish them from those of his fellow angels. Orange is the color of the generative chakra, which is concerned with the creative part of life. Orange is also the color of harvest time, like pumpkins and autumn leaves, this color signifies a good return on all of your labors during the year. Uriel invites you to explore his website and learn what his suggestions are for succeeding in all facets of your life, business included.



I welcome you to my part of this website. My duties include helping people to make and fulfill agreements between each other. So the primary key to what I do is assist in making equal exchanges where both sides are benefitted. A win-win situation, if you will.

The last century was spent in large part trying to take advantage. Unless a business was getting an unfair advantage, it was not seen as being profitable. This goes for business and industry as well as governments. What I would like to accomplish in this 21st Century is to help humanity learn that an equal exchange that benefits both parties doubles the benefit. If only one side is benefitted, it creates an imbalance that gets spread out into the community, as all affected will take part in sharing the burden of the bad deal.

If you are in a business or a government agency, you can do your part to help me with this idea: an equal exchange benefits everyone. If you will live your life with this motto, others will see you as an example of fairness and of increase in many ways more than just profitability. When you serve others, you end up serving yourself by making your community a better place.

I invite you to explore my pages and post your ideas here. We all need to get into a conversation of how we can be better neighbors as well as better businessmen.

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