Archangel Saint Raphael

Raphael, whose name means "God heals," is recorded in the Book of Tobit (only found in Catholic Bibles) where he performs several miracles which involve using portions of a fish to both heal Tobias of blindness and to trap a demon who has been terrorizing Tobias' fiancee. Because of this story, Raphael is considered to be the angel of Healing as well as of Travel.

Raphael's presence is much less formal than the other angels, because he knows that humor and laughter are as much healing as taking medicine or treatments. Raphael is very comfortable in nature and encourages everyone to get outside into a green environment for both fun and comfort.

We are posting here some messages and meditations that were shared by Raphael. All of Raphael's messages convey a caring heart for humanity. He is often shown in religious and secular art as being a travelling companion or performing a healing or giving comfort to someone afflicted.

We have chosen the color emerald green to represent Raphael.You will see that color here, to distinguish his sharings from those of his fellow angels. Green is both the color of springtime and youthfulness as well as vibrant physical energy. Raphael invites you to explore his website and listen to the meditations he has shared with us for something as simple as relaxation to a general energy body tune up.



Welcome to the green section of this website. Here we will discuss anything that you can do to make yourself healthier by living a life of joy. How do you get more joy in your life? You see things with your heart and feel with your spirit. Leave the stress and ear-pollution behind when you go within to the sanctuary that God gave you in your own mind.

We will do some meditations together and you can listen to them as many times as you will. You can't overdo meditation like you could medicine.

Take time to study nature. All the flowers, trees, birds and animals are living their lives around you, making your world a more wonderful place to explore. Instead of worrying about gossip and politics, smile at the butterflies and flowers and see if they are smiling back at you.

Finally, the more joy you have, the more you should give away to others. That makes life good for everyone around you. No one likes to see someone with a scowl on his face. Instead, a smile lights up the whole area around you. The more you give, the greater you will get back.

What this all amounts to is a lot of love. The very essence of God himself is Love: to love and be loved by all His creation. Since you are part of God's creation, you also are made of love. Be sure to explore the many kinds of love that you have in your life. And give as much of it away as you can!

May God's love touch your heart each and every day.

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