Archangel Saint Michael

Michael, whose name means "who is as God," has been recorded in many religious holy books and texts as the leading angel to work as the captain of the heavenly hosts of God and to protect mankind. In the Old Testament Bible, Michael has to battle against demons who are preventing Gabriel from getting through to Daniel to deliver a message. The New Testament depicts Michael fighting against Satan and his armies both in the book of Revelation and in the epistle of Jude. As such, Michael is the heavenly example of the spiritual warrior whose toughest battles are against the demons of doubt within.

Michael is also known to be a healer, specifically his appearance during one of the plagues in Medieval times in Italy caused so many to be healed that a church was built honoring this event. Michael is often shown with scales in his hand in church artwork depicting a belief that Michael assists in the final judgment after a soul has passed on. These aspects show his character has more depth than just being a fighting angel.

Michael has been a favorite angel for many people outside of religion. The city of Kiev, Russia, has a city crest that features Michael standing ready in battle armor to protect the city. Many countries, cities, and public institutions like universities, consider Saint Michael to be their patron. He is also designated as the patron saint of policemen and soldiers by the Catholic Church. Finally, Michael has been the inspiration for popular books and movies, showing that he is important in daily life as well as in religious matters.

We are posting here some messages, meditations, and teachings that were shared by Michael. All Michael's messages convey a feeling of hope mixed with the "can-do" attitude of the spiritual warrior. You may also find his caring side in some transcripts dealing with healing and surviving hard times.

We have chosen the color crimson red to represent Michael and you will see that color here, to distinguish his sharings from those of his fellow angels. Crimson is the color of passion and fervent belief, and was worn by kings in ancient times. Michael is the foremost captain or prince of the hosts of Heaven, sent by the King of all kings, and invites you to explore his website.



Courage is a difficult quality to achieve. No one can give it to you but yourself. You will find that you have it already at the most unexpected of times. I am here to encourage you to find within yourself all that you need to be the spiritual warrior on a quest to find your true self, your Spirit, that resides with the King of Heaven beyond this world.

Within my site you will be able to read or hear some of my teachings that I gave many years ago to others who sought my advice. You may find these words are also for you, and that you can do the exercises or train your mind just as others have done before you.

The one thing I want to share with you before you begin is that you are never alone. God has created a guardian angel for every one of you, and you are allowed to pray for assistance from God himself. There is no request too small or too large that you and God together cannot handle.

I will be here when he sends me to you. You may feel my presence or notice a slight scent of cinnamon on the air. Yet I will always remind you that your own courage, the ability to make the right choice and do what is best, are within you already, placed there by God himself at the beginning of creation.

My blessing be upon you.

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