Archangel Saint Metatron

Metatron, whose name means "the keeper of the watch," is recorded in the apocryphal Book of Enoch to be the Biblical patriarch Enoch who was taken up by God and did not suffer death. His service to God while on Earth was to collect all of the wisdom of mankind and record it on stone and on metal so that it could withstand the tests of time and destruction (Enoch lived before the Biblical flood).

Because of his attention to detail, God has put Metatron in charge of the power gridwork for the universe. His department watches over the portions where there is growth and expansion, as well as finding places that do not use energy where he closes them down and diverts the energy to be used. The source of the energy is God himself, and the energy is continually used and recycled in the unfolding of creation, which is still incomplete.

We are posting here some messages and teachings that were shared by Metatron. All Metatron's messages convey a caring heart for humanity, due to his own life here making him able to understand our feelings better than angels who have never left the side of God and are spirit beings.

We have chosen the color copper to represent Metatron and you will see that color here, to distinguish his sharings from those of his fellow angels. Copper is the color of the metal that is used in electronics to transfer electricity and transform that energy to higher levels of power. Metatron invites you to explore his website and learn about the gridwork over which he is the supervisor.



All life is connected. Everyone is the relative of every other person. All come from the same origin and have the same divine Father. What remains is for humankind to learn to live together in peace and harmony.

Over the countless millennia that I have served God and humanity by maintaining the power grid of the universe, I have learned one important rule that goes both ways: Energy is information, and Information is energy. What this means to you is that knowledge will give you power and you can create more knowledge by using your own power or blending with the power of God. Knowledge requires you to use your own discernment to distinguish between facts that are true and facts that are merely opinions.

Many like to think I am the angel of mathematics, or of geometry. Math and geometry are ways to shape and measure energy. Energy is created solely by God and transformed countless times as it passes through the process of Creation. You are part of this process and have the ability to change this energy by changing the information it contains.

I invite you to ponder with me the secrets of the universe. As we explore it together, you will learn many things and teach much to others. Be wise and practice your discernment in all that you observe and choose to be your truth.

May God bless you with wisdom.

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