Stories - Master Doe

Master Doe lived long ago in the Orient. He was a member of a monastery in very ancient times, when life was more simple than it is today.

Although his time was far different from our own, his stories from his own life can still inspire people today who are searching for meaning in their own lives. He tells of his brother monks, how his monastery was built, and what he learned from his master teacher.

Master Doe never reveals his own name as he gave it up, and all ties to family, when he became a monk. Likewise, Master Doe does not tell us the name of his religion or even his country. These are mere details that are not necessary for the telling of his stories.

Because Master Doe has a very distinct way of talking, we are presenting his stories for you to listen to in mp3 format. We hope you enjoy them and visit us again to see what else we have posted.

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