Archangel Saint Gabriel

Gabriel, whose name means "God is my strength," has been recorded in many religious holy books and texts as one of the leading angels to work as an intermediary between God and mankind. In the Bible Old Testament, Gabriel is sent to tell Daniel what his dreams meant, these dreams being almost as complex as the Revelation. Gabriel is also known for the annunciation in the New Testament, wherein he tells the young Mary that she is to be the mother of Jesus, the son of God. For Muslims, Jibril (another spelling of his name) is the angel who dictated parts of the Koran to Mohammed.

Gabriel also works with others who are not so well known as Mary and Mohammed. His true mission is to deliver a message to you from God, and then to make sure that you understand its meaning. This is more like being an ambassador than just a messenger service, like getting a telegram.

We are posting here some messages, poetry, and teachings for children that were shared by Gabriel. The tone of these messages is one of hope, guidance, and love from God toward us personally and toward all children of God.

In the children's section, if you have been asked a particularly tough question by your own children, you may submit it and we will pass it on to Gabriel. We already have a long list of these questions, so we cannot guarantee if or when an answer will be posted. Perhaps Gabriel will visit you and help you with that question through your own dreams or meditations.

We have chosen the color indigo blue to represent Gabriel and you will see that color here, to distinguish his sharings from those of his fellow angels. Indigo is the color of truth and was worn by kings in ancient times. Gabriel is the foremost messenger from the King of all kings and invites you to explore his website.



When you are feeling alone, I AM here to be with you, sent by your God to help you understand that no one living is without resources. Every breath you take into your physical body to sustain your life comes to you by the grace of the One who Created you. Your smile, your heritage, your choices are all unique to you, special to us all because you are God's co-worker. What you think, do, and say has an effect upon all of creation. History is made not just by the powerful and wealthy, but you included. Everything is important to God.

Rejoice and know that your God sends you what you need every day. Not just things to keep your body going or to give you a means of making a living. You are given what you need as well to come to know yourself. Your inner self is the part that is made in the image of the Creator. Your soul or your spirit, whichever term you choose, is made of God and by God. You have the wonderful opportunity of being able to use this life and these gifts to create something important.

You may look upon your family as your first work. Those who cared for you and brought you up are not only getting you ready to be an adult member of society, they are also learning from you in everything you do. If you have children of your own, or younger brothers and sisters, you already know this to be true. When your family members leave this Earth the final time, they still live on in your memories. You may recognize their voices in what you think and know to do. So you have become their representative just like I am for God.

Your friends are your second work. Every form of friendship is a practice for when you will choose your mate for the family you will build some day. You will learn how to love and be loved when it is voluntary. What you know from this will affect how you react to a stranger in need, how you will do things for your community and environment, and how you will take care of yourself. You will notice, I said take care of yourself. I am not talking about vanity and wearing the most expensive impressive clothing. What I refer to is having self respect, taking time alone to meditate and pray, and ordering your life so that you may do what keeps you happiest in your spiritual heart.

I invite each of you to call on your God to send me or someone like me to help you when you feel alone, are troubled, or cannot see the light. I also remind you that you should also share your greatest triumphs by sending God a thank you from your heart.

In this site you will find the writings and other works of those like me who serve God by serving humankind. Please explore and think over what you read or see here. I have put these words here for you to find and remember. Our blessing be upon you.

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