The Keys of Eden TEAM

Allow us to present some of the members of the Keys of Eden team.

Most of us have been together for over 20 years.

These fellow companions help to create and keep the Keys of Eden running. More than a team, they are family.

Samuel Timothy Smith      Website Director and overseer
Nathaniel Greenleaf          Head Custodian in charge of Maintenance
Rudolph Goldenseal          Chief of Securety and Safety
Sananda Michaels             Special Projects Instructor
Gloria Michaels                  Assistant Instructor - Events coodinator
Zechariah                          Specialist in OnSite Spiritual Research

As a platform the Keys of Eden commUnity needs people from a variety of viewpoints to share their views with others.

We thank our team of transcribers who take the audio files amd type them in works we can print.  Our volunteer reader-editors who read the documents and help tag them for storage and future archives.  The minds, young and old who come together who help us see more ways to serve and share.

We also wish to thank the many authors And Anonymous Donors who are contributing their works and their time toward building the Keys of Eden website and commUnity.

If you would like to volunteer to help us think, read, sort files, tag, edit or in any other way, please contact us.  We especially need local volunteers that can be physically present with us at times.

We hope you find the Key to Eden that you are seeking.

Thank you and God bless

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