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You will see the main menu at the top edge of all pages. Rolling your cursor over them will drop down another menu.

We and our TEAM are doing all we can to harvest and store the gifts of Spirit so it will be preserved for many years to come.  We are just beginning to make availible the many years of information we have collected.  So please, be patient and come back often.


HOME obviously takes you back to the main entrance.

ABOUT US has a dropdown menu with choices to learn who we are and how to contact us.

LIBRARY is our collection of writings, essays, stories, poems, and messages. As the collection grows, you will find information on hundreds of topics from a wide selection of authors.

PROJECTS  Here you will find some of the programs we have either created or participated in over the years.  Some of these are still being developed, undergoing testing, or just getting started.  You may choose to become part of our research team by answering a questionnaire or participating in projects, like group prayer.

SCHOOL has a drop down menu listing current classes offered. If you are a student or former student, depending on the class, go to the class you took and fill out the form to get your own password.  This will allow you to share with other students who took the same class before and after you.

PRESENTERS is our list of authors, poets, prophets, and angels who have works here.

Please Note that just like the universe, this website is an experiment, and is always in a state of growth and development.  We and our TEAM are doing all we can to develope a platform capable of delivering over 25 years of gathered information in a manner it can be easily traveled.

It is our desire to help the Garden become as beautiful and welcoming  as you may have remembered it to be.  We currently have thousands of documents and articles filled with the fruits of knowledge and remembrance.

Articles and stories that may remind you from whence you came, and who you are.  Words of wisdom for how you can face the challenges of today's world and be renewed with strength and love.

Words of love and encouragement from those from our past, those still in our present, and those in spirit as they share their own stories of what they did, what they now do, and what they have learned.  Yes, there are many, and they all share all they can in hopes of helping you to remember your own strength, your own connection with the Creator, and to assist you as you walk your own path in life.

We are revamping trails and pathways in hopes that your visit will be joyful and the information you seek will be a little more easily discovered.

Please remember.  We are currently working and ever searching for locals to help prepare this information into a format that you and others can more easily consume.  If you feel the urge to assist or to share, please use our contact form and let us know. 

Your information and email will not be shared with others.

We hope you find the Key to Eden that you are seeking.

Thank you and God bless


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