About the Keys of Eden

We are just beginning to make availible the many years of information we have collected.  So please, be patient and come back often.>

Our mission statement:

To encourage and foster Spiritual growth in a life changing way
by providing information, tools, training, and platforms for the spiritual adventurer.


The Keys of Eden seeks to help Spiritual Seekers from all walks of life.

As a platform the Keys of Eden allows people from a variety of viewpoints to share their views with others.  It is always up to you to make wise choices and take what you will and leave the rest.

Since 1987 our TEAM has gathered and stored, a large selection of spiritual teachings and other information the we feel is a valuable resorce that can benefit mankind.  Our TEAM consists of many people and spiritual beings including angels.  Having traveled the path before you, and even fallen off of it quite a few times we decided to find ways to share over 25 years of gathered information with you in hopes it will allow you to grow without repeating many of our mistakes and shortcomings.

Much of the information here did not come from books.  It came from life.  From those who walked the path with and before us.  Those who have a message, a song, or a story they want to share with you.

We as a TEAM have traveled the country, and have met with People and dignetaries from multiple deminsions  gathering the information they would like to share with you.

Our focus is on you, for if you seek a better connection with your Creator, if you seek the rememberance of who and what you were created to be, if you seek the answers to questions that are now swelling up inside your own heart, then it is that which brought you here.

If you have that burning desire to know the Truth.  If you are willing to follow and share that Truth when you find it. If you really want to make the world a better place.  Then YOU  ARE  the "Spiritual Adventurer".


This is our humble gift to you.  We hope you find the Key to Eden that you are seeking.


Thank you and God bless

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